Automated Varnish Preparation

The varnish visco-elasticity is an essential quality criterion in printing ink resins. Round Robin Test of leading printing ink resin and printing ink manufacturers document that the exactly defined varnish preparation is the key for further accurate rheological measurements of visco-elasticity.

Preparation of the varnish solutions
In order to minimize the influence of sample preparation on the outcome of the tan delta measurement the sample preparation has to be standardized. It is recommended to produce the varnishes at 230 °C according to the procedure described in ASTM D5958.

Solutions for accurate viscosity measurements

  • Production of resins

Rheological tests to determine the degree of polymerisation during production require a fast and convenient to use automatic device to prepare varnishes of consistent quality

  • Production of varnishes

Standard varnish preparation and viscosity test methods are vital to comply with the ISO 9002 international standards.

  • Production of printing inks

Accurate and reproducible viscosity measurements are vital to predict the end use performance of a printing ink. The THERMOTRONIC is the key to viscosity measurements of higher accuracy and reproducibility.
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